About The Trust

The Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust gathers the love, talent and treasure of those inspired by Julia’s celebration of life to help people in need. The Trust continues the philanthropic work that Julia began in her lifetime by supporting outstanding organizations dedicated to providing the things in life Julia deemed essential: a good home, nourishing food, a quality education, and opportunities for learning, literacy and engagement in the arts.

Organizations Julia Supported

Julia directed that her Trust be formed to continue the good works begun during her lifetime. As Trustees, we are dedicated to fulfilling Julia’s dream of continuing partnerships with the non-profits Julia loved best and identifying organizations who support the causes to which Julia was committed.

The Link Stryjewski Foundation

Chefs Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski created their New Orleans foundation to address the persistent cycle of poverty and violence, as well as the lack of quality education and job training available to young people in New Orleans. As Donald Link recently wrote, “From the moment Stephen and I hinted about starting our own foundation, Julia was on board. Her vision and experience were invaluable from day one. More than anything she injected life and energy into our dream of helping our city’s youth. She was more than an average board member; she was co-creator and founder of our foundation. And for 20 years she was one of my best friends.” The JER Trust continues Julia’s support of the LSF’s mission to help nourish, educate and empower the youth of New Orleans, allowing them to realize their potential and become active contributing members of the community.

The Greenville Arts Council & E.E. Bass Foundation

The Greenville Arts Council promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Delta which formed Julia and inspired her as a writer throughout her life. The Council encourages and hosts cultural activities, arts appreciation, arts education, and the creative work of artists in Julia’s extraordinary hometown. The Arts Council is housed in the E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center, well known to many from around the world who attended the annual “Culinary Literary Mash-up” as part of the Delta Hot Tamale Festival. We support the Arts Council’s efforts to ensure that the birthplace of so many extraordinary writers and artists continues to nurture the creative lives of emerging Mississippi artists and patrons of the arts for generations to come.

The Community Foundation of Washington County Mississippi

Washington County’s Community Foundation is a young philanthropy, founded in 2012 for the most populous part of the state of Mississippi that until that time was lacking a community foundation altogether. It has become a hub of philanthropic activity in a region with great needs, coordinating charitable initiatives to have the largest possible impact in the community. We support the Washington County Community Foundation’s mission to connect people who care with causes that matter in the areas of early childhood education, downtown revitalization, and workforce development, to create a thriving community for all.

Living Waters for the World

Living Waters for the World (LWW) trains volunteers to establish and lead water mission teams that partner with communities to implement and operate sustainable water purification systems and health education programs.  LWW Networks come alongside water teams and partners throughout every phase of a water project.  They provide essential support for sustainable water systems that produce clean water for a generation. Every year Julia supported an annual fundraiser organized by her mother, Judy Reed, to empower communities to treat available but contaminated water. We support LWW’s efforts to help provide clean water around the world.

The Madeira School

It would be hard to overstate the importance of Julia’s high school alma mater, Madeira, in nurturing her intellect, inspiring her lifelong commitment to women’s achievement, or carving the pathway to her extraordinary career. It was through Julia’s Co-Curriculum internship at Newsweek as a high school senior, that her career as a journalist began. We support this secondary school dedicated to women’s education, and in particular Madeira’s Co-Curriculum program, an award-winning experiential learning program that has provided for over fifty years exciting internship opportunities to students in grades 10-12. Through partnerships that the JER Trust is exploring with Madeira, we aspire to play a part in Madeira’s mission to “launch women who change the world.”

Julia Reed’s estate has also supported:

 The Beagle Freedom Project, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, and The Masterpiece Trust.


Elizabeth Cordes, President
Keith Meacham, Chair of the Board
Jessica Brent, Treasurer
Anne Heekin, Secretary
Judy Reed, Board of Directors